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“The brand loyalty and trust we have today within our market, and the thought leadership that we're respected for — we wouldn't have any of that without her.”

—Carter Gilchrist, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Unbounce


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“Working with you I feel like I’ve received a fast-tracked masters in marketing.”

—Dave Lastovskiy, Head of Marketing,


"Gia is wicked smart, and was quickly able to give me direction that I've been able to run with"

—Miranda Lievers, COO, Thinkific

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Note to self: My 2018 year in review

Wanna get up close and personal? Here's what’s happened since I jumped ship at my steady in-house VP gig to build an advisory business (the site you’re on right now) and launching Forget The Funnel. Read my barely meant for public-consumption year in review.

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How founders are unknowingly failing their marketers

Tech companies are often founded by people who know very little about marketing. But at some point, customer acquisition becomes an emergency, and they fumble their way through hiring someone who has less experience than originally hoped for.

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When lack of clarity is killing your team’s effectiveness

Sometimes it’s a marketer who struggles to establish ownership over a website. Other times, it’s a team lead micromanaging projects. In the worst cases, it’s the founders incapable of getting out of the team’s way. The point is, clear expectations and ownership are needed STAT.

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“Perhaps the biggest difference between most first-time founders and most second-time founders is how long they try to do it all themselves.”

—Jason Lemkin


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