There's a serious issue in SaaS Marketing. 

In the last few months I've overwhelmingly come to realize that growth-stage  startups seem to be struggling with mostly the same issues:

  1. The team has been so focused on product development that marketing has taken a serious backseat, despite lofty acquisition goals.
  2. Experienced SaaS marketers are hard to find (and expensive, and busy), so founders take a chance on someone keen and that shows promise, but with less experience than originally planned.
  3. That marketer spends their time locked-up in tactics prescribed to them by founders, investors, advisors and a slew of marketing influencers, guides, podcasts, webinars, conferences and blogs. 
  4. Without the support and tools to think holistically and strategically, that marketer grows overwhelmed not knowing what to focus on first, doubting the ownership of their work, or their ability to champion for marketing internally.

Developing a marketing strategy rooted in the best customer experience possible requires pride, ownership and hustle. Championing for marketing and a better customer experience in a product-first company shouldn't feel like a battle.

In the coming months I'll be developing a training program for exactly these SaaS companies, for exactly these marketers. Less experienced marketers can be fast-tracked with the right support.

I think of it as me teaching me 10 years ago, what I know now about SaaS marketing and scaling growth. I can't imagine how much more I could have accomplished with dedicated strategic support and guidance.

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Georgiana Laudi
Founder, A Better CX Inc.