Feel confident that your marketing is on track.

Strategic support from a marketing executive who's been there can make all the difference for you and your team. Rather than prescribing what to execute on and hoping for results, support your team in building a marketing and CX strategy they're proud of.

Your company's marketing needs an owner; someone to lead the charge, to live and breathe the needs of your customers and who's proud to champion for marketing internally. Whether or not you have someone leading marketing for your company right now or not, weekly strategy sessions can help.

Think of this as an investment that stays with your company and continues to increase in value. There's nothing more important to invest in than the people helping to build your business. As your company scales, you'll feel confident knowing they received guidance from someone with 15 years of professional marketing experience.

What you can expect

  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with Georgiana Laudi are scheduled at a convenient recurring day and time each week. 
  • Each call is 1 hour, though occasional emails can occur and materials may be reviewed in preparation for a call. 
  • Ideally sessions will be with the person responsible for brand, marketing and/or customer experience. But, if that person doesn't exist yet at your company, Georgiana can also help with hiring, onboarding and coaching. 


Georgiana currently has 1 opening for a weekly strategy session client. 

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