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Getting strategic support from a marketing executive who's been there can make all the difference for you and your team. 

After asking hundreds of SaaS marketers what they struggle with, one of the top challenges they cited was a lack of mentorship. And it’s easy to understand. Tech companies are rarely started by marketers and even when they are, founders rarely have the bandwidth to properly support junior or mid-level people. I can’t even imagine how much more effective I would have been in the early days if I had someone like me to help navigate it all.

This is an investment that stays with your company and continues to increase in value over time. There's nothing more important to invest in than the people helping to build your business. And, more and more, employees see their work tied to their professional development opportunities, and expect support getting it. Do right by them and your company by investing in real guidance (not sending them to conferences or buying them books) from someone with 15 years of professional marketing experience.

Don't have a marketer yet?

Even if you don't have someone leading marketing for your company right now, executive-level SaaS experience can help get you to the next level. I will help define who you're looking for, position you to attract top talent, with the vetting and hiring process and to fast-track their onboarding. Your company's marketing needs an owner; someone to lead the charge, to live and breathe the needs of your customers and who's proud to champion for marketing internally.

What you can expect

  • High-impact 1-hour sessions every week
  • Direct-line support from an executive-level marketer by email
  • Tried-and-true tools, processes and resources (templates, worksheets, frameworks)
  • 15 years of professional marketing experience
  • 9 years of SaaS experience (incl. scaling a marketing team from 1 to 35)
  • Network of potentially invaluable contacts in SaaS
  • Access to vetted, top-notch contractors and specialists (like copywriters, paid media specialists, community managers, developers, designers)

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Don't wait to get in touch! My next available start date is August 2018.


Dave Lastovskiy, Head of Marketing

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"Working with you over the course of 9 months I feel like I’ve received a fast-tracked masters in marketing."

Since starting at Bus.com 3 years ago I’d been seeking mentorship from a senior marketer who gets it. I’d been introduced to many marketers with great titles at established and successful companies ranging from Intel, Lightspeed, Breather, etc. Many of these people were confident in their approaches, but they didn’t understand the big picture. Initially it was hard for me to describe what they were missing, but I can finally put it into words: they didn’t know anything about their customer or their journey.

From the first call I knew it would work. You cared, you thought, and you listened. Too often marketers are ready to prescribe their strategies and tactics and they forget that it’s not about who has the best way of user acquisition. Instead, we worked together to figure out where I had gaps and we filled them with frameworks and strategies that make sense.

Working with you over the course of 9 months I feel like I’ve received a fast-tracked masters in marketing. The value I’ve received in understanding the importance of our customer, how to build strategies around them, and how to empower my team to succeed are immense. I feel like I’ve received a toolkit that will help me establish a strong, sustainable strategy for Bus.com, and will follow me throughout my career.